NSRA Youth Proficiency Scheme (YPS) Tutor’s Diploma

This qualification is suitable for those who wish to supervise air gun or crossbow shooting by Scouts.

Typically, Hampshire runs several of these courses each year.

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  • The NSRA Licence that accompanies the YPS Tutor’s Diploma is valid for five years. It may be renewed if you have been regularly using the qualification  so keeping a record or logbook is very important. The minimum level of use is 25 separate occasions over the 5-year period with at least 5 in the 12 months prior to renewal.
    Applications for renewal must be made to the NSRA before your Licence expires.
    Write, quoting your Licence number and enclosing your logbook and a cheque for £15.00, payable to “NSRA”, to:
    NSRA, Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley Camp, Brookwood, WOKING Surrey, GU24 0NP.
    If you want your logbook back, ask for it; otherwise it may be retained.
    (Do remember to update your postal address, ‘phone number and email address if any have changed).