The Webley Scott Shield

The National Scout Air Rifle ChampionshipsGroup Team Trophy for the 6 yard Air Rifle competition

Presented in 1977 by Webley Scott Ltd

Year  Winner  
2019 4th Worth, West Sussex  
2018 1st South West Cheshire (St. Andrews)
2017 3rd Hampton Hill, Greater London SW
2016 11th Hinckley, Leicestershire
2015 1st South West Cheshire (St. Andrews)
2014 1st South West Cheshire (St. Andrews)
2013 1st South West Cheshire (St. Andrews)
2012 1st South West Cheshire (St. Andrews)
2011 3rd Hampton Hill, Greater London SW   (Record Score: 353 ex 400) 
2010 3rd Hampton Hill, Greater London SW 
2009 47th Swansea (Killay), West Glamorgan
2008 47th Swansea (Killay), West Glamorgan
2007 17th Buxton, Derbyshire
2006  17th Buxton, Derbyshire 
2005  1st Shedfield, Hampshire 
2004  47th Swansea (Killay), West Glamorgan 
2003  9th Bramshill (Yateley), Hampshire 
2002   1st Bishops Waltham, Hampshire  
2001   47th Swansea (Killay), West Glamorgan  
2000   47th Swansea (Killay), West Glamorgan  
1999   9th Bramshill (Yateley), Hampshire  
1998   9th Bramshill (Yateley), Hampshire  
1997   47th Swansea (Killay), West Glamorgan  
1996   47th Swansea (Killay), West Glamorgan  
1995   4th Bramshill (Hartley Wintney), Hampshire  
1994   9th Bramshill (Yateley), Hampshire  
1993   47th Swansea (Killay) West Glamorgan  
1992   4th Bramshill (Hartley Wintney), Hampshire  
1991   4th Bramshill (Hartley Wintney), Hampshire  
1990   4th Bramshill (Hartley Wintney), Hampshire  
1989   1st Malden, Greater London SW  
1988   1st Malden, Greater London SW  
1987   1st Malden, Greater London SW  
1986   1st Malden, Greater London SW  
1985   1st Malden, Greater London SW  
1984   12th Selsdon and Addington (Selsdon Baptist), Greater London SW  
1983   9th Odiham (Yateley), Hampshire  
1982   6th Selsdon and Addington, Greater London SW  
1981   1st Burbage, Hinkley, Leicestershire  
1980   1st Burbage, Hinkley, Leicestershire  
1979   1st Burbage, Hinkley, Leicestershire  
1978   6th Selsdon and Addington (60th Croydon), Greater London SW  
1977   6th Selsdon and Addington (60th Croydon), Greater London SW