The Junior Connaught Shield

The Connaught Shields, two of Scouting’s oldest and most distinguished trophies, are back in circulation as the Grand Aggregate Trophies of the National Scout Air Rifle Competition.

The Junior Connaught Trophy

Current Medals (Since 1999)

Medals from 1935

Table of Trophy Winners

20191st South West Cheshire (St. Andrews)
20181st South West Cheshire (St. Andrews)
20171st South West Cheshire Junior A
201611th Hinckley & ESU Junior A, Leicestershire
201535th South West Cheshire
20141st South West Cheshire (St. Andrews)
20131st South West Cheshire ‘A’
20123rd Hampton Hill ‘A’, Greater London South West
20113rd Hampton Hill ‘A’, Greater London South West
20103rd Hampton Hill ‘B’, Greater London South West
20091st North Devon
20083rd Hampton Hill ‘A’, Greater London South West
200710th South West Cheshire (Haslington)
200610th South West Cheshire (Haslington) 
2005  1st Shedfield, Hampshire  
2004  1st Curdridge and Botley, Hampshire  
2003  9th Bramshill (Yateley) ‘A’, Hampshire  
2002  9th Bramshill (Yateley), Hampshire  
2001  47th Swansea (Killay) ‘A’, West Glamorgan  
2000  1st Keynsham, Avon  
1999  9th Bramshill (Yateley), Hampshire  
1975  Temple Grove School, Crowborough E. Sussex  
1974  Temple Grove School, Crowborough E. Sussex  
1972  Estonian Kalev. Canada ‘B’  
1971  Estonian Kalev. Canada ‘C’  
1970  Estonian Kalev. Canada   
1969  33rd Inverness-shire (Kilmallie)  
1968  33rd Inverness-shire (Kilmallie)  
1967  1st Wanganui East ‘A’ New Zealand  
1966  Estonian Kalev ‘B’ Canada  
1965  3rd South Lambeth ‘B’  
1964  All Hallows School   
1963  3rd South Lambeth ‘B’  
1962  8th Perthshire  
1961  All Hallows School Dorset  
1960   33rd Inverness-shire ‘B’  
1959  33rd Inverness-shire  
1958  All Hallows School ‘B’  
1957  All Hallows School ‘B’  
1956  Munro College Jamaica  
1955  All Hallows School Troop ‘B’ (Devon)  
1954  All Hallows School ‘B’ (Devon)  
1953   2nd Broadstairs Troop  
1952  All Hallows Troop ‘A’  
1951  2nd  Tolworth ‘C’  
1950  2nd  Tolworth ‘D’  
1949  2nd  Tolworth ‘C’  
1948  2nd  Tolworth Group ‘C’  
1947  2nd Broadstairs (Wellesley House) Troop ‘C’  
1946  Magdalen College School Group ‘A’  
1944   2nd Brunswick Group  
1943  St. Columba’s 53rd Ayrshire (Largs)  
1942  44th Stirlingshire (Hurst Grange) Troop  
1941  44th Stirlingshire (Hurst Grange) Group  
1940  44th Stirlingshire (Hurst Grange) Group  
1939  12th Calgary Group Canada  
1938  2nd Broadstairs (Wellesley House) Troop  
1937  2nd Broadstairs (Wellesley House) Troop  
1936  2nd Broadstairs (Wellesley House) Troop  
1935  17th Eastbourne Group  
1934  4th Seaford (King’s Mead) Group  
1933  2nd Broadstairs (Wellesley House) Troop  
1932  2nd Framlingham Group ‘B’  
1931  2nd Framlingham Group ‘C’  
1930  2nd Framlingham Group ‘B’  
1929  4th Seaford (King’s Mead) Group  
1928  1st Dawlish Troop  
1927  Luis Tricherdt Troop, Transvaal  
1926  St. George’s Home Troop Johannesburg  
1925  45th Nottingham Carrington Boy Scouts ‘A’