The Chief’s Prize

For the Best Aggregate Performance by a Scout (aged under 14) in the 6 yard Air Rifle Competition, The Air Pistol Competition and Junior Field Target

Presented by The Chief Scout
To mark his visit to the 25th National Scout Air Rifle Championships October 2001

Year   Winner  
2019 30th South West Cheshire; Jessica Barrance 
2018 30th South West Cheshire; Jessica Barrance
2017 2nd Ifield (St Margrets), Surrey; Amber Berreen 
2016 11th Hinckley, Leicestershire; Rebecca Horsler
2015 38th South West Cheshire (Nantwich); Harry Vincent
2014 1st SW Cheshire; Abby Warren
2013 1st SW Cheshire; Abby Warren
2012 1st SW Cheshire; Tom Warren
2011 3rd Hampton Hill, Greater London South West; Jacob Hill
2010 6th Tolworth Greater London South West; Holly Soul
2009 7th Malden & Discovery ESU, Greater London South West; Alex Stead (Record: 228 ex 250)
2008 1st Liphook, Hampshire; Jordan Pirt 
2007 9th Bramshill (Yateley), Hampshire; Katherine Maskell 
2006  2nd Malden, Greater London South West; Michael Bamsey 
2005  47th Swansea (Killay), West Glamorgan; Paul Gammon 
2004  1st Curdridge and Botley, Hampshire; Sam Pidgely 
2003  1st Liphook, Hampshire; Robert Chester 
2002   9th Bramshill (Yateley), Hampshire; Nicholas Peacock 
2001   1st Shedfield, Hampshire; Christopher Lacey