The Bramshill Shield

For the Best performance by an Explorer Scout in the 6 yard Air Rifle Competition
(Prior to 2000 by a Venture Scout)

Presented by Bramshill District, Hampshire
to celebrate the successes of the 4th Bramshill (Hartley Witney) and 9th Bramshill (Yateley) Groups in the Webley Scott Competition

Year   Winner  
2019 Woking ESU, Surrey; Jenna Culshaw
2018 Fiennes ESU, SW Cheshire; Joseph Baker   
2017 Crawley District, West Sussex; Liam Spriggs
2016 1st Old Malden & Titan ESU, Greater London SW; Robin Barrington   
2015 Fiennes ESU, SW Cheshire; Dan Johnston
2014 Outback ESU, Berkshire; Emma Sidey
2013 Hampton ESU, Greater London SW; R. A. Holloway
2012 Hampton ESU, Greater London SW; M. D. Carr
2011 Bramshill ESU (Pioneers), Hampshire, D. R. Maskell (eq Record Score: 98) 
2010 Discovery ESU, Greater London SW; A. R. J. Stead
2009 Taw ESU, Devon; C. C. I. Attwood
2008 Discovery ESU, Greater London SW; C. G. Kendall
2007 Taw ESU, Devon; K-A. F. Attwood                (Record Score: 98)
2006 Taw ESU, Devon; C. C. I. Attwood 
2005  Killay ESU, West Glamorgan; R. D. Barton  
2004  Killay ESU, West Glamorgan; R. D. Barton 
2003  Keynsham ESU, Avon; M. P. Hall 
2002   1st Bishops Waltham, Hampshire; J. Carter  
2001   47th Swansea (Killay), West Glamorgan; S. D. O’Rourke           
2000   9th Bramshill (Yateley), Hampshire; G. E. Prewett  
1999   1st Bishops Waltham, Hampshire; M. Perkins  
1998   7th Bramshill (Hook), Hampshire; D. O. Moss   
1997   1st Sedbury & Tidenham, Monmouthshire; J. Smith-Hadden  
1996   47th Swansea (Killay), West Glamorgan; P. Ludman