The Bill Cook Shield

For competition with Vintage Air Rifles (“Spring guns” made before 1956)

Presented by William Cook
Formerly Warden, Walton Firs Scout Campsite and Founder of the National Scout Air Rifle Championships

Year   Winner  
20194th Itchen South (Netley), Hampshire; Sampson Dyer Record Score: 177 ex-200 
2018Fiennes ESU, Cheshire; Jonathan Oakes
2017Fiennes ESU, SW Cheshire; Joseph Baker
2016SW Cheshire District; Dominic Woolley
2015Fiennes ESU, Cheshire; Jonathan Oakes
2014Killay ESU, Swansea; Chris Hiatt
2013Killay ESU, Swansea; Chris Hiatt
201247th Swansea (Killay); Jonathan Gratrix
201147th Swansea (Killay); Andrew Proudfoot
2010Bramshill ESU (Pioneers), Hampshire; M. Barnes
200947th Swansea (Killay); J. Gratrix
2008Killay ESU, Swansea; J. Gratrix
2007Killay ESU, Swansea; J. Gratrix Record Score: 95 ex-100
2006Killay ESU, Swansea; C. Hiatt
2005 Killay ESU, Swansea; C. Hiatt 
2004 Killay ESU, Swansea; R. D. Barton 
2003 47th Swansea (Killay); S. D. O’Rourke 
2002  Hampshire County Scout Network; J. Rabheru     
2001  47th Swansea (Killay); A. Proudfoot  
2000  Bramshill District; J. E. Dohoo  
1999  9th Bramshill (Yateley); J. Rabheru  
1998  Bramshill District; J. E. Dohoo  
1997  47th Swansea (Killay); J. Gratrix  
1996  47th Swansea (Killay); J. Robinson  
1995  4th Bramshill (Hartley Wintney); R. C. E. Dohoo  
1994  47th Swansea (Killay); J. Robinson  
1993  4th Bramshill (Hartley Wintney); J. E. Dohoo  
1992  17th Purley;  V. Young  
1991  17th Purley;  V. Young  
1990  17th Purley;  V. Young  
1989  17th Purley;  V. Young