Live Ammunition Target Shooting

As one of the very few Home Office Approved Scout Rifle Clubs, HSRC offers live ammunition target shooting with .22 calibre (small-bore) rifles to Scouts and Guides at ranges near Basingstoke and Southampton.

We offer:

  • Introductory sessions
  • Master-at-Arms badge courses for Scout and Recreational Activity Badge for Explorer Scouts.
  • This activity may be pursued within the Skills Section of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Timings are 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm at each location

Cost is £6 per head (for first 2 details each of 10 shots) – Extra details £1 each
Minimum group size at above price: Southampton 7, Basingstoke 4.
Cost per head for smaller groups:

Group Size     Southampton    Basingstoke
6                           £6.50                 £6.00
5                           £7.50                 £6.00
4                           £8.50                 £6.00
3                           £10.50                £7.00
2                           £14.50                £8.00

Note that the need for one-to-one supervision of beginners limits the number of newcomers that can normally be accommodated to not more than four on any one evening.

Booking status – You can Book on either BASINGSTOKE or SOUTHAMPTON Booking pages.

This form must be completed by all prospective shooters and returned to the Club Secretary or the Instructor concerned before your shooting session. Please note that details from this form are supplied to the Police and it must be completed carefully and legibly. In particular “Full name” means exactly that!  Also, the Members’ declaration must be signed by all applicants irrespective of the presence (for those under 18) of a confirmatory signature by a parent in the “Permission” section below.

The Membership & Parental Permission Form must be completed in advance for every Scout who wishes to take part in this activity.

Download PDF Form or Download Word Form

To Book and check availability of either range, please use the relevant Booking Pages by clicking the links below.


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