Portsmouth Air Rifle Competition 2019

Comprising Air Rifles Only

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This event using Air Rifles will take place on Saturday 2nd February 2019, at Hilsea Scout Headquarters, The Ridings, HilseaPortsmouth, PO2 0UF.  


All shooters must be able to load, aim and shoot either an Air Arms MPR400 or S200 Rifle unaided.  This is a competition and no help will be provided to shooters.

 It will comprise three age categories (based on ages as at 31st January 2019).  Entry is restricted to Groups within Hampshire Scout County.

(A) 10 yrs and under 14 yrs. (DOB from 12 February 05 to 11 February 09). 

(B) 14 yrs and  under 18 yrs. (DOB from 12 February 01 to 11 February 05).

(C) 18 yrs and over.  (DOB On or before 11 February 01). 

The entry fee is £5.50 per person.

The closing date for entries is Friday 25 January 2019

Notification of Squadding Times is 27th January 2019 – by email only.

PLEASE NOTE. Entries may be closed before that date if the event is over subscribed.


Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age group and trophy for overall winner.

Use a separate individual entry form for each competitor.

The date of birth of each entrant under 18 must be shown on the entry form.  Age groups will be based on agesas at 31st January 2019. The Scout Association Member Number must be shown for competitors aged 18 and over.

Use a separate collective entry form for each Troop / Explorer Unit / Network

As required by POR (Rule 9.37d), all competitors under 18 years of agemust have written parental consent to undertaking the shooting activity.  An appropriate parental consent form isincluded with the individual entry form and should be photocopied as required. A copy of this form must be completed for each entrant under 18 years of age and must be sent with the collective entry form.

Entry fees must be enclosed with the entry forms.  Do NOT send cash through the post.

Cheques should be made payable to Portsmouth Scout Shooting Club.

Late entries, substitutions or refunds for non-participants will be allowed only in exceptional circumstances and at the organisers’absolute discretion.

Details of attendance times will be advised to the section contacts by e-mail by 27th January 2019. However entrants should be aware that times may be allocated anywhere between 0900 and 1620 hrs but that entries from the same group will begrouped together.

Competitors must arrive NO EARLIER than 15 minutes before and NO LATER than 10 minutes before their allotted time toavoid overcrowding and time for briefing.

Competitors should report to the hall in Scout uniform or appropriate activity wear and their necker. Late arrival mayresult in extended waiting periods or disqualification.


  1. The competitions will be shot indoors at 6 yards at NSRA targets in the standing unsupported position.
  • Competitors will shoot 5 pellets at each of 3 targets.
  • The best 2 targets will then be taken for the competition score (i.e. ex-100).
  • Tied scores (in medal positions only) in each discipline will be resolved by reference to the third highest card, then the highest card score. 
  • If still unresolved the medal will be awarded to the youngest competitor.
  • The supplied rifles  are to be used. A “blinder” may be used (not supplied).
  • Boots/trainers giving ankle support may not be worn.
  • All Rifles will be pre sighted and competitors may not adjust the sights.
  • The Range Officer’s decision is final in all matters relating to safety, equipment and range conduct.


  1. The targets will be NSRA Air 7.
  • The rifles supplied will be AirArms pre-charged S400 MPR and Air Arms pre-charged S200. Competitors under 12 years of age will generally use Air Arms pre-charged S200. Competitors aged 12years and over will generally use an MPR.
  • If the Range Officer considers that a competitor in any age group is unable by reason of size to handle a MPR safely, that shooter will be directed to use a pre-charged S200 instead.
  • Clothing to be worn when shooting is to comply with the “Sporter rifle” rules – see www.sporter.org.uk  Specifically, specialised shooting clothing(other than an approved ‘glove’) may not be worn.
  • Due to restricted time and space rifle shooters may not use a stand.

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