National Scout Rifle Championships 2019

Below are document links to the entrypack items for this year’s Championships and we hope to see you and your team at Bisley in October.

The most significant changes from last year are:

There will no longer be a separate Final in the 10-m Open Air Rifle or the Own Pistol classes.

The course of fire for each of the 6-yard Own Air Rifle and Pistol classes will now comprise 5-minute sighter detail and 4 x 5-minute details in each of which to fire 5 shots to count.

Please note that theelectronic entry system is based on an Excel workbook that requires Excel 2007 or later and is intended for use on Windows operating systems. Its use on othersystems may produce errors and is not recommended.

If you experience any difficulty in using the attached files (especially the Excel one) on a Windows-based system as above please let me know of the nature of the problem and the version of software and operating system you are using.

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