Camelot Postal – 2021

Camelot TSC are pleased to announce their open postal competition for Sporter Air Rifle (SAR) & Air Pistol (AP) will run again in 2021.

The competition is open to all ages but we do encourage newbie’s to the competition scene and especially juniors (U/21) from all clubs and organisations, e.g. Scouts, Cadets, Schools, Rifle Clubs etc so it presents a great opportunity to see how shooters measure up, especially as results will be published via an updated Stats website – all welcome!

All competitors who shoot 50 or more shots will be awarded a competition medal.

Guidance / Rules ~ Covid has been a nightmare and affected us all in many ways, because of this this years’ competition will be a complete re-think to meet unique needs.

Competitors may enter at any time and submit any number of cards in multiples of 10 shots, their scores will be published via the stats website so they can be used for monitoring / coaching purposes.

Shooters may enter 1 or any combination of the following rifle classes ~  Six Yard Sporter Air Rifle ~ Pre-Charged (.177)
Six Yard Sporter Air Rifle ~ Springer (.177)
Ten Metre Sporter Air Rifle ~ Pre-Charged (.177)
Ten Metre Sporter Air Rifle ~ Springer (.177)

and then within the class each shooter may enter for 1, 2 or 3 positions, i.e. Standing, Prone and / or Kneeling, in any combination, and all within sporter rules!

Shooters may also enter any combination of the following classes ~

Six Yard Air Pistol (.177)
Ten Metre Air Pistol (.177)

Only original NSRA targets may be used, no copies and no other types. (If in doubt ASK!!!)

For all Air Rifle targets, shooters will put 2 shots on each bull, i.e. 10 per target – unusual but of particular use to those who are “manual changers”! For all Air Pistol targets, shooters will put 5 shots on each target.

PRIOR to shooting targets must have CLEARLY written on the front of them, the competitors name and club, the word “SAR”(PC) / “SAR”(Spring) / Pistol to denote the class, plus, position being used, date and 1,2,3 etc for the order in which the cards are to be shot. This may be done by anyone and pre homemade stickers may be used, but…. they MUST BE LABELLED AS ABOVE !!! On the rear THE RANGE OFFICER PRIOR TO SHOOTING MUST SIGN the card behind the centre of the centre bull AND PRINT their name. (REMINDER – ALL of the above MUST BE before the target is used) ONCE SHOT the RO must sign the witness box, and add the date, on the front of the card to signify that they take responsibility for the card being a correctly shot valid entry.

Note – DO NOT score cards or gauge pellet holes.

When packaging cards please be mindful of how unforgiving some of the automatic sorting machines can be, a ring of sellotape all the way round an envelope in the middle of both the horizontal and vertical can be a “card saver”. Cards must be mailed to;
29 Cloverfields

Those shooting rifle are required to shoot compliant to SAR / AP competition rules, so pre competition is a good time to ensure rifles / pistols are indeed compliant, e.g. 500gms trigger weight – if in doubt on how to adjust read the manufacturers handbook! Also remember no barrel extensions or sights with any magnification (i.e. no telescopic sights), again if unsure ASK! It is the RO’s job to ensure compliance and their signature on submitted targets is their personal confirmation of this.

For those who need Sporter Air Rifle (SAR) rules please go to where, central on the opening page, they will find a link to the rules, and / or give Roger Monksummers a call – 01747 822202.

Cards from may be shot between 1st February and 31st May and scores will be entered into the national stats database.

Last posting date for inclusion is postmarked 1st June. During April / May consideration will be given to running a league based competition during June or June / July – “watch this space”…. but initially this is about getting shooters back on range and re-establishing themselves. The cost is £5.00 per entry, i.e. 1 person, in 1 discipline, distance and position. All communications / information will be communicated via “Latest News” at This will include details of the updated Stats Database.

For more info contact, Roger Monksummers, tel. 01747 822202 or email

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