Portsmouth Air Rifle Competition Results 2018

The attached documents show the results of the Portsmouth Scout Shooting Club Competition 2018

We would like to thank all those who participated in the competition and all of those who assisted with the event. The numbers were up this year with 40 entrants with last year being 25.

Class A Results

Gold Rebecca Edwards of 70th Portsmouth – 80

Silver Matthew Batchelor of 21st Romsey – 79 [tie break card used 31]

Bronze Harris Oldroyd of  4th Netley – 79          [tie break card used 28]

Bronze – Paige Baxter of Portsmouth – 77


Class B Results

Gold – Lauren Batchelor of 21st Romsey – 90

Silver – Ella Fletcher of  Leviathan ESU -88

Bronze – James Baxter of Leviathan ESU -87


Class C Results

Gold – Barry Brand of 4th Netley – 74

Silver – Simon Lawrence of 4th Netley – 69


Full Table Results 

Note ref Class A Results from Match Director:

It was brought to my attention that a scout was showing as an explorer on the results.  Having checked the entry forms, his parents entered him as an explorer not a scout though his date of birth was that of a scout. No one picked this up until results were issued, despite squadding details being sent to leaders and parents ahead of the competition.

Having had discussions with our qualified scorer we have decided that this was a genuine error and in now way an attempt to cheat.  We have therefore changed his scores to reflect his score in the scouts’ results.  This unfortunately means that the published bronze medal place for scouts  (Paige Baxter) is incorrect ad she had achieved 4th place.


However, in the spirit of Scouting  as Match Director this year we will be issuing two bronze medals for scouts as the results for scouts had already been published.  We felt  that due to a genuine error the scout who had actually achieved a bronze medal should be awarded such, but that the scout who had been told she had achieved a bronze medal should not be deprived of this.  

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